Component Description Money Station Cash Known Location Used In
Adrenaline Injection Useful for defense against allergens and in cases of traumatic injury. 100 Reflex Enhancers
Advanced (Circuit) Electronics Miniaturized, ruggedized, high speed, high efficiency control circuits for many applications. 50 Canton - Desert Facility - Wreck the Supplies Tactical Console, Automated Turrets
Advanced Operating System Upgrade the capabilities of your computer with this security hardened realtime OS. $10,000 Naples - IAOO - Search the IAOO Hallways
Analysis Software A computer without software isn't good for much. This analysis package can be configured for a variety of tasks. $10,000
Ballistic Vest A light armored vest is the core of many other defensive items. $10,000
Barrel Forged from German cannon steel, with your choice of twist rates and rifling-conventional, polygonal, or smoothbore. $9,000 New York - Streets of New York - Confront a Weapons Dealer and Canton - Flagg Offices - Search a Warehouse Tactix XP-36 Aggressor, PHI LM-6 Manticore, Diamante Corinthia, PHI GL-3 Phoenix, Fang Pacifico FK47 Pit Viper, Tactix XS101 Defender, Sulinov & Marsden SN7, Fang Pacifico F14 Sabretooth, Targ TXR Railgun, Tactix AWS Omega, PHI MG-5 Titan
Barrel Shroud High rates of fire can render the barrel of a weapon dangerously hot. A ventilated shroud provides air cooling and operator protection. 50 New Delhi - Storage Facility - Take Out an Armed Guard
Body Armor A lightly armored garment that serves as a base for more elaborate defensive gear. $10,000
Bolt Group This is the core of the firing mechanism. $30,000
Broad Spectrum Antibiotics Great for many kinds of infections… but there is still no cure for the common cold. 50 Antibiotic Pouches, Unite Med-Tech Suit
Camera Lens Aspheric lens with antireflection coatings and a fast f/1.8 aperture for low-light performance. Covert pinhole model also available. $11,000 New York - Bones HQ - Explore a Restricted Room
Camouflage Fabric Good camo alone doesn't make you invisible, but it's a key part of your defensive ensemble. $8,000 Amsterdam - Diva Drinks - Steal Uniform
Cashmere Fabric Did you know? Cashmere is made from goat wool! 100
Ceramic Trauma Plate These rock-hard ceramic plates are impervious to all but the very largest projectiles, and are used over vital organs. $10,000 New York - Super Temps - Defeat a Security Guard
Cochlear Implant Receive audio communications without any visible device or audible leakage. 75
Composite Trauma Plate A cut above their ceramic cousins, these plates provide the same incredible protection but with less weight. 50
Computers Fast, efficient computers are core elements of countless high tech items. $8,000 Amsterdam - Mysterious Facility - Destroy a Lab
Cotton Fabric Not everything an agent needs is high tech. 50 Amsterdam - Mysterious Facility - Obtain Uniform
Custom Stock Don't underestimate the importance of having good furniture on your weapon. $9,000 New York - Streets of New York - Attack a Hideout
Custom Trigger Spring To maximize effectiveness, order the right pull strength for your application. $10,000 New York - Bones HQ - Neutralize the Sentries
Decryption Software Turn a general purpose computer into a code-breaking machine. 75 Los Angeles - Channel Six - Search a Secured Room
Folding Bipod Accuracy is maximized by firing from a stable platform. Deploy the bipod, and the shooter becomes the third leg of a tripod. $10,000
Glasses Designer frames with room for adding miniaturized electronics. $10,000 Amsterdam - Jensen's Office - Search Jensen's Office
GPS Uplink A GPS unit with attached transmitter can broadcast your exact coordinates to allies in real time. 125
Handheld It looks like an ordinary smartphone, but Joe Public can only dream about a phone that does as much as yours! $10,000 Los Angeles - Channel Six - Search an Unsecured Room
Hypergolic Propellant Cylinders contain two special compounds that react violently upon contact. This provides an unusual but highly efficient means of propelling projectiles. 75
Infrared Goggles These night vision goggles combine an IR light source, CMOS imagers and high-res screens. 100
Infrared Lens This camera lens is constructed with the special needs of infrared photography in mind. 75
Integrated Radio Communications are the key to any successful operation. 100 Canton - Agency HQ - Kill Intruders
IR Damping Fabric This synthetic material reduces your overall IR signature, yet it stretches and breathes like a natural fiber! $30,000 Naples - Naples Docks - Search the Warehouses
Laser Grip The laser sight built in to this pistol grip aids rapid target acquisition. 50
Linen Fabric Not everything an agent needs is high tech. 50 New York - Chaotica Hangout - Search a Chaotica Hangout
Lucky Arms Blazer Rocket The Blazer rocket is highly adjustable, making it compatible with all of the most common man-portable launching platforms. 75 Los Angeles - Channel Six - Disarm the Auto-Turrets
Lucky Arms Smokeless Powder Direct from the factory to you, this high-quality extruded nitrocellulose powder comes in styles suitable for all small arms. $30,000
Machine Tools Your dream gadget isn't going to come to life without advanced machinery capable of cutting construction stock materials down to size. 50 New Delhi - Diamante Mercenary Base - Hotwire a Diamante Car
Magnetic Grips The rare earth magnets in these grips are powerful enough to easily support an agent with a full loadout of gear. 75 New Delhi - Ian Paolo's Home - Explore a Locked Room
Micro CPU This computer is small enough to fit into a wristwatch, pen, or other tiny device. $12,000
Muzzle Break Clever venting of gasses from the muzzle brake makes the weapon's recoil more manageable-meaning faster followup. 125
Myomer Fibers Myomer fibers can be used to build artificial muscles, critical for certain kinds of robotic actuators. 75
Padding Underneath all that fancy gear, sometimes you just need a low-tech pad to soak up an impact. $10,000 New York - Bones HQ - Check a Dumpster
Polymer Magazine Tough, corrosion resistant polymer magazines in single and double column varieties, suitable for most weapons. 50 New Delhi - Diamante Facility - Take a Guard's Weapon
Quality Casings These cartridge cases are manufactured to extremely high tolerances, making them ideal for applications where shot-to-shot consistency is required. 100
Radar ECM A tunable radar module and electronic countermeasures computer. $10,000 Naples - Streets of Naples - Query Your Contacts
Radio Jammer This device puts out RF noise that will completely disrupt radio communications. 125
Receiver The receiver is where everything comes together, allowing a collection of lifeless metal and polymer to become a functioning weapon. $10,000
Scanning Laser This laser module can rapidly create a 3d map of an object or area. 75
Screens OLED for excellent clarity and high efficiency. $10,000
Security Cameras The core of any good security system is surveillance. 75
Set of Casings For well over a 100 years, brass casings has been the standard. 75
Silk Fabric Not everything an agent needs is high tech. 75
Specialty Paper Stock Convincing banknotes require exotic paper with high cotton content or other special security features. 75
Subliminal Programming A subliminal suggestion implantation device needs software to function. A variety of target behavior profiles are included. 100
Surplus Gun Turret It's been shot at, blown up and run down, but with a little love this old turret can be brought back to life. 125
Terahertz Ray Emitter X-rays are so 1895. $10,000 Amsterdam - Vogel's Retreat - Gather Important Files
UHMW Ballistic Cloth Ultra high molecular weight compounds are extruded into threads, which are woven into a protective fabric. $10,000 New York - "Super Temps" - Investigate the Building
Ultracapacitor Ultracapacitors are capable of storing massive electrical charges, dumping them quickly, and recharging just as fast. 125
Under Barrel Grenade Launcher This 40mm spin-stabilized grenade launcher greatly increases your options in any combat situation. 125
Zorin Optics Scope Zorin manufactures a range of pistol and rifle scopes, from holographic sights with no magnification to high zoom sniper models. 50 New Delhi - Launch Site - Break into the Central Security Office
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